Friday, 25 November 2011

Funeral Directors welcome, sales crap less so

Round the other side of the planet for a bit, as I am, it's cheering to find a couple of comments on the jolly old blog "awaiting moderation." Both were brief and perfectly acceptable, from "funeral director." Generally welcoming to all the variety and vagaries of human opinion, I was just about to welcome aboard both comments and commenter,but I noticed that the words "funeral director" were a live link. ( A URL, as I believe you Internet swots call it?)The link took me to that Internet site that looks at first glance as though it will find all your local funeral directors for you, but is in fact a Co-Op Funeral Service front end. It only takes you to Co-Op funeral directors.I really value each and every genuine comment on me blog, and thanks for them; I don't really value commercially focused spam. Go away, Co-Op. In fact, F**K right OFF.I trust that's plain enough, 'funeral director,' unlike your advertising manoeuvres and feeble attempts to get link through from my blog to your sales drive. Here's a tip, sly boots. Real commentators, ie individuals, sign blog comments with a variety of daft aliases (moi? Daft?) But they use names, not trade descriptions.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A Little Peace and Quiet

is what you'll probably be getting from me, for a few weeks, due to hols being taken. But if the worm turns, I may throw out something before December. Who knows? (Er..who cares, you might say, peace being such a delightful blessing.) 

Meantime, look after yourselves, dear readers. You may be interested to know that mindfulness meditation is being used for training Australian physicians to help them deal with stress, burnout and depression. The ImapactED nurse Ian Miller is well ahead of them, since to my certain knowledge, he has been advocating related techinques to his nursing colleagues for years, via his blog:

Well worth a look, and it also includes a handy brief definition of mindfulness meditation, which would have been useful for all those times I was asked "anyway, what exactly is this mindfulness business you're always banging on about?" 

For another way to combat stress, depression etc, see below.