Sunday, 29 December 2013

Belief validating itself

First off, things have been a bit busy at Mundi Mansions, for delightful reasons (visiting family) so it is not for Scroogist reasons that I've not offered Christmas greetings to my multitude of readers. Here's a seasonal picture of part of the rolling Mundi acres, not taken this year of course, no snow yet:

and it comes with very best wishes for the New Year - especially if you have no electricity and are wondering how to dry out your flood-soaked sofa.

My topic is paganism and belief, my source is such a neat little book review, written with a conciseness and insight , that I need say no more about it except to suggest you click on the title above and read what Weeping Cross has to say. As I have so often found,  your time at the Hearth of Mopsus will be well rewarded.