Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The Good Funeral Guide - book

It's very good, and I recommend it very strongly,for what that's worth . But it won't be an easy sell, I fear - I hope I'm wrong, because it could be a great help to very many people, but also because Charles provides such a valuable service to us all and for that reason too, I want it to do well .

Even if you don't buy it but feel you know enough about it or have seen and browsed it, or have used the website a lot, how about reviewing it on Amazon? That's always a help to a newly-published book.

Sorry I don't know how to make that a live link rather than a tedious cut and paste. Really ought to get to grips with this computer thingy one day soon....

Incidentally, I'm aware that since I keep banging on about how good the GFG is, you may feel Charles is bunging me a few bob to say so, or in some other way offering inducements. Alas not. He is, I'm sure, a man of principle.

Re my previous posting about holy vs heathen celebrants etc, I had hoped to stir some righteous indignation and argument. Maybe I'm getting too middle-of-the-middle-of-the-life-plus-a-bit-road, and it's too obvious and dull. Or maybe you're just on holiday? Anyway, if the 2.14 people on average who read this blog at least once every ten years would care to look at Monday 31st blog "Fruitless" etc... and blast away, I'd be delighted. Or not.

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