Monday, 13 December 2010

Mindfulness in action

A click on the title above will take you the impactEDnurse blog, where Ian Miller will tell you some invaluable things about mindfulness. He's worked these thing out in the life-and-death* tensions of an Emergency Department (A&E or Casualty, for us Brits) so they come from a high-tension working life. but they apply to any working life - any life.

He recommends coming to a stop every now and then, and tells you what to do, during the pause, that will help you move on - in his context, move on without killing anyone, I guess, and in mine - well, at least not to get someone's name wrong!

Presumably like A&E nurses here, he's trying to do a truly essential job amidst all the bullsh*t about cost-cutting and efficiency drives, but he is still able to deploy humour, too (see his final line) and find the time to write an outstanding blog.

The distinction between concentration and mindfulness seems very important to me. We need both, and to confuse one with the other is easily done and very unhelpful.

Thanks, Ian.

* great to able to use a lousy cliche in a context where it's actually true.


  1. Impacted Nurse is very interesting. I spend some time reading, and also downloaded one of three free books.


  2. Indeed Arkers, the free books are fascinating and sometimes funny. What a service he provides for other nurses, and all for free.