Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Should you be awarded a Gloria...

you'd be one of a small elite who have caused scales to fall from eyes, enlightenment on matters funereal and mortality-related to spread. See a few posts back (Friday 7 January) for details, or if you can't be arsed, see below.

The Committee meets irregularly and is entirely capricious, but - a small donation will be made to a charity, because I am linking my giving this year to the awards. (Huge sigh of relief from all hard-pressed charities, applause from Mr Cameron who can see that in one bound his "Big Society" er...concept? Slogan? Day-dream? is freed by this munifence from all carpers and critics, because volunteers and charities will able to forge ahead and forge...) Sorry. Got carried away.

You may select one from:

National Trust
Macmillan Cancer Care
The local hospice
Marine Conservation Society
St Martins in the Fields (homelessness)
The Woodland Trust

All you have to do - IF you are fortunate enough to receive an award - is make your speech of thanks, and notify me of your choice. A small but useful donation will be made, I promise.

What's that? No, of course I won't tell you how much. Don't be so vulgar.

Comfort Blanket, arise - and choose a charity please, for your excellent

http://thecomfortblanket.blogspot.com/2011/01/i-have-dream.html .

Charles went for the Woodland Trust. He should be receiving an acorn any day now.

Don't forget that you can nominate someone else's post or comment anywhere on the blogosphere.

A reminder of the criteria:

  1. contributes significantly and originally to our understanding of mortality, either with "what oft was thought, but ne'er so well expressed," or with a fresh insight
  2. helps us deal with our own mortality and our fears about death
  3. comes up with significant new information about the Dismal Trade which enlightens us all
  4. helps us deliver better funerals with insights, references, writings, recommendations (music or words, ways of proceeding)
  5. makes us larf with a merry quip, gag or jape related to the Grim Reaper and his camp-followers (us lot)
  6. helps us deal well with bereaved people


  1. Ach, ma wee acorn! I feel like a father to it! I really am moved to be the recipient. And it gives me a moon to fire my arrows at. Can I win a brother/sister for my oaklet? Does he give two to the same person? I don't know. It matters not. I shall strive with that uppermost in mind. When I am feeling spent, this will revive me.

    Because I really am, to revert to an old way of speaking, most awfully flattered!

  2. General and resounding applause

  3. Yes indeed, there is nothing in the Magna Carta Mundi to prevent an individual winning more than one Gloria. The Committee is also investigating the idea of a Lifetime Gloria, or Gloria in Excelcis. Strive on, Charles, for all of our sakes, in any case. And look, you even get applauded by old Arkers there!

  4. You are generous beyond words, GM. Not only to have read the ramblings of little old me, but to have found them worthy of a gong. I'd like to nominate Macmillan Cancer Care please. Cancer still casts too big a shadow (quite literally) on the lives of too many. So every little helps - as that disgusting corporate monster of a supermarket says (but please don't sue me...)