Monday, 21 March 2011

Hedging your supernatural bets

GM been a bit quiet lately, you are (probably not) wondering? Been busy. Having a break now, though.

Living in foreign parts once, I was once shown round a huge Hindu temple by two Chinese friends. A bell went, and some sort of ritual developed up front. My Chinese friends put their palms together, closed their eyes and bowed. I said "I thought Hinduism was a matter of culture and being born into it? Can you convert to it? Do you believe in it?" I was fascinated.

Friend opened one eye and said. "I'm not a Hindu, but ... well, you never know..."

Ultimate perhapsists.

Today, and for a couple of weeks Gloria is taking herself and her blog off to foreign parts, inhabited by a lot of Chinese perhapsists. Daresay she'll visit a temple or two. Maybe she'll light a joss stick, just in never know.


  1. Gloria, have a great trip. May terrestrial serendipity also bring much that delights.

    Oh, and light one for us, too, will you -- just in case...

    We shall miss you, yes we shall. But it'll be good to know that you'll be having edifying fun.

  2. May you have a wonderful, relaxing, enlightened trip GM. You will be much missed. Light a joss stick for me...

  3. Have a nice trip, and send us a virtual postcard if you get the chance.

  4. All kind thoughts much appreciated, thanks all three; virtual postcards probably beyond me, but joss-sticks, can.