Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Steering This Mighty Blog and Guesting on The Good Funeral Guide

Just to let the both of you know that as a result of the generosity of Charles Cowling, future ramblings from me may occasionally surface over on under my, er , byline. (Slightly wary of using journalistic jargon, what with recent news and all.) Others of Charles' regular commentators are also chipping in, and there has already been some really excellent stuff. Not that it wasn't a very valuable blog full of excellence already, but Charles wanted to draw us in and vary it thus.

Posts from me over there at the GFG are likely to be more specifically about the nuts and bolts of funerals, ceremonies, funeral directors, crematoria, etc, whereas I shall continue to entertain you right here with light-hearted stuff about dying, meditating monkeys, mindfulness, dealing with the fact of our mortality, relevant music, OM, Cropredy, outstanding radio or TV shows, and anything else related to these things. So stick around, visit GFG, and be sure to come back. You and your comments are always very welcome indeed.

If something does appear on the GFG I shall shamelessly urge you to read it. No doubt the rush of people from over here to over there will cause the good ship "Internet" to list heavily to port. Or starboard. You have been warned.


  1. Double the dose! Excellent.

  2. May I hereby recommend Arkayeff to all blog readers for his excellent taste and shrewd judgement. Thanks, wise one.

  3. You just commented on my blog - thanks for the lovely sentiments!
    Better ask Charlie Cowling who I am - you called me a 'young man'


  4. Well, you're under sixty, Antler, and I'm not, ergo....!