Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a Mindful New Year

Here's wishing my extensive readership joys for the season and thereafter. I shall be back (applaud now) in the New Year with more thoughts on : mindfulness, (hooray!) meditation, (hooray!!) dealing with our awareness of mortality (bravo!) funereal matters (encore!) and anything else that comes to mind - other than the goddam GFC, Eurozone bollocks etc - "the music goes round and round, and comes out here - what, here? no, here - yes here..." special Christmas prize if you can remember where that came from.

Your Christmas pic this year, BTW, was in fact taken two years ago, because this year it's mild and soggy and looks like being so for The Day. Don't know if our bovine friend would rather it was soggy or foot-freezing cold.

Whatever the weather, have a Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas, GM, and thank you for nourishing us with your thoughts and reflections. I have nabbed some of it and I can feel the difference. Thank you.

    Only one regret: I am not eligible for your prize. Haven't a clue, old sport.

  2. Charles, if it all goes a very little way towards a payback for all you've done for me and many many others, then I'm pleased.
    I'll hold off on the prize answer for a bit, in case anyone else responds.
    I said, "in case anyone..". Oh, suit yourself, you lot!

  3. Overwhelmed as I am by all those competition entries with regards to the above musical quote, I've decided to release the answer today in order to protect my bandwidth, haha - it was sung by Danny Kaye in the musical version of the life of jazz trumpeter Red Nicolls, which was called....."The Five Pennies." So the 7/6d book token prize goes