Sunday, 8 January 2012

For meditation, contemplation, or for a funeral

Over on the Good Funeral Guide, Charles often posts really interesting and powerful songs, mostly for possible use in a funeral, but also some of them are simply life/death songs.

But sometimes, you don't need any words.

This track could be used for meditation, for reflecting on . . . whatever comes to mind, or for a funeral. It was just chosen as one of her musical private passions by Tama Rojo, one of the finest ballerinas of her generation on BBC Radio 3.

But watch out, it is powerful sad!

O God, she's just chosen DuPres playing the Elgar cello concerto. Overwhelming. Can't see straight...

I think I'd better go and play something by Bonzo Dog for a bit of silly cheer-up.


  1. Mirrors in the mirror. Very simple and lovely. I love it. A really good choice- for life and for death.

    Glory of the world to you.

  2. I once asked a fine professional violinist, who has recorded this, if it was easy to play because it sounded so simple. (cf Kreisler, romantic concertos etc) He said that something so simple is in some ways harder to play than overtly passionate music, because every note is so important, so audible. Maybe that's what makes it so good for contemplation.
    Nice to hear from you Arkers, as always.