Thursday, 11 October 2012

Art Of Dying

Well, I don't know if dying is an art - if so, then we're all artists. Or potential artists. Maybe that's a useful idea in our death-averse culture, which is changing so very slowly towards believing that accepting your death means treasuring and energising your life. Anyway, just thought I'd pop this cheery little ditty of George's in front of you. If living is also dying, then let's get dying.

Anyone other than me like the nice wailing guitar stuff in here? BTW, the YouTube heading is wrong - it's not the fab four, it's the Fab George on the album you see in front of you. Cool wellies, George - thanks for all the music.

Even the Beatlemania generation will haven to slip old Charon a few bob and hop on his ferry - I'm not sure this is one for a funeral, but it sure could be one for the run up your own funeral.

It's bein' so cheerful as keeps me goin'...

Art Of Dying *
(G. Harrison)

There'll come a time when all of us must leave here
Then nothing sister Mary can do
Will keep me here with you
As nothing in this life that I've been trying
Could equal or surpass the art of dying
Do you believe me

There'll come a time when all your hopes are fading
When things that seemed so very plain
Become an awful pain
Searching for the truth among the lying
And answered when you've learned the art of dying

But you're still with me
But if you want it
Then you must find it
But when you have it
There'll be no need for it

There'll come a time when most of us return here
Brought back by our desire to be
A perfect entity
Living through a million years of crying
Until you've realized the Art of Dying
Do you believe me

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