Friday, 25 January 2013

Wilko says it right

You wouldn't necessarily expect a rocker to be an advocate for mindfulness, but in his way, he is, here:

Words back from the frontier for us.

Here's what Wilko looked like in his youth, with the mighty Dr Feelgood, piledriving rockers:

So I guess Wilko would rather have his health than land up on this blog, but nevertheless, I thank him, for his wise, heartfelt words, and all that rocking, driving music. I hope his farewell tour goes really well.

And here's what he sounded like in Feelgood  days:


  1. Did you ever see his fantastic one note guitar solo on I'm a hog for you baby? Genius!

    Astonishing and expectation defeating to find him so humble and grounded. Extraordinary man.

  2. Thanks Vale, I hadn't picked up on that.

    Such wise insights; as you say, an extraordinary man, one to learn from.

  3. What an uplifting interview - thanks for putting it in. I hope that he gets to do all of the gigs.

    And that solo is fantastic! Thanks Vale.

  4. And - have you seen (and heard) the documentary about Dr Feelgood, "Oil City Confidential?" It's a wonderful film, with plenty of Wilko's wisdom and humour in it. Hat tip (as Mr Cowling would say) to Vale, and thanks, for telling me about it. And the band is just astonishing.