Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Harmony, and that Stephen Taberner live magic.

Singing as well as you can, with a goodly number of other non-professional singers who were almost all strangers until the previous morning; singing a simple but powerful little song in the mighty caverns of Liverpool Cathedral; now that's a mindful activity. 

Life-enhancing, nothing to do with the trappings of funerals - it was a lovely change and maybe even a wee bit transformational. 

Harmony seems to me to have the power to carry the beauties and pains of life, to accommodate both being alive and acknowledging life's transience.  Perhaps that's why it fills people up. (Well, me, anyway!)

Your cursor over the title will take you to a YouTube clip of "Soyewela," a South African (Xhosa) freedom song.  Four other songs from the same performance are also on YouTube. The most ambitious is Stephen's arrangement of an Australian rock anthem "Throw Your Arms Around Me,"  by Hunters and Collectors. It's not perfect, but it sure is live. Before we went on, Stephen advised not to worry about ourselves, just to let the song be. It's hard to describe that feeling, but it is very presentmoment, very communal, deeply refeshing.

The man is a magician, no question.


  1. Wonderful! It's a GREAT sound. Throw Your Arms is my song for the day. (I love the way the music builds to that mesmerising climax but the chaps in the seats remain politely seated. Brits should leap up and dance, sometimes!)

    And, yes, harmony...

  2. Pleased you enjoyed it Charles. I'm still slightly stunned (stoned?) by it all - yes, pity no-one danced in the aisles! One day I'll tell you what Stephen said to the altos to get them to yell out like that....

  3. My mind is already working on it...