Thursday, 8 January 2015

"Je Suis Charlie" says Gloria Mundi

So, big deal announcement, but:

We must all be Charlie, now and always.

Such lethal derangement cannot "win" anything. What have these psychopaths achieved? They have caused death, grief and suffering to a group of people. They have put French Muslims at risk from "revenge" attacks. They have provoked strong condemnation from Muslim organisations in Europe and elsewhere. They have united the French people - almost all of them - and strengthened their determination not to give way to panic. And they claim this has "avenged the Prophet?" 

 Like most people with totalitarian mentalities, they are stupid as well as vile. In their own terms, they have achieved nothing.

They have achieved nothing of any significance, any more than the psychopaths who burst into schools and murder schoolchildren achieve anything.

Nous sommes Charlie, maintenant et toujours, or we give way to murderous fascists. 

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