Monday, 9 July 2012

Naked mindfulness students ignore loud mass lecture.

Aha! That's got your attention, gentle reader!

OK, it's a cheap if ancient trick, but it's getting lonely around here. If you occasionally drop by and read stuff from me about mindfulness, or funerals, or dealing with mortality, or if you pick up a video clip you like:

Do say hello, leave a comment, argue a point, tell me when/if it's boring, useful or what.

It's been horribly quiet in the old comments box of late, and if I'm boring you that much, maybe I'll just totter off and do crochet work instead?


  1. Ah yes, the blogosphere, it's a cruel mistress, eh? Where is the enthusiasm? You put your heart and soul into a piece and it vanishes like the last wave's seafoam.

    It's interesting how many blogs just stop. There for a couple years and then zip. It's hard when you think no one is listening, caring. I look at my daily blog counts—and most days people visit—and I, too, wonder why no one stops to say anything. Or rarely.

    But who knows? Once when I was down about my blog and thinking it served no purpose, a publisher emailed me and asked if I wanted to publish a book. Changed my life. I'm not making any money off the book, but it opened a lot of doors. Blind luck and perseverance. Keep at it.

  2. My dear DMT, you are an angel of kindness in a cruel world....I shall persevere (well, truthfully, I already have done, as you may see if you wish) but your encouragement drives me forward. I shall also have an occasional gander* at your blog, which a quick visit suggests is a good 'un. Thanks.

    * obsolescent Brit slang for a look at something, cf squinny, shufti, butcher's (hook) etc