Monday, 9 July 2012

This book may change your death - and so maybe your life

If you:

want to think about the profound mystery of mortality, and the cycle of life and death

want practical help on making good funerals happen

think that ritual and ceremony surrounding final goodbyes is too often anaemic and conventional

like conventional ceremonies, but want to make a funeral for someone close to you belong to you instead of to the funeral "industry"

want to challenge, develop and liberate your own ideas about death and funerals

enjoy looking at, handling and then reading important books that are beautiful to look at as well as profoundly useful

then BUY this cased set of excellence. Because it's brilliant, and because an important charity could use the income to help us all die better.

If you:

like the conventional, impersonal funeral "industry"

think you're going to live for ever

think it's all someone else's funeral

think a funeral needs to be a swift and superficial event, to be got over with before we have a drink and talk about the traffic and the weather,
 then - I don't know why you're reading this, but I'm pleased you are because it's even more important for people like you.

Face it. The Reaper has a 100% hit rate so far. He is touring your area. Deal with it. Get the book. You can't fend him off or smack him with it - but people who love you may be very pleased if you and they have bought it and read it and thought about before he rolls into your life. (OK, that's scare tactics, I'm sorry, but it's very difficult to deliver an effective, helpful funeral in five days if you've never thought about it before, and it's a bit late to accept your own mortality just when the Old Bastard knocks on the door!)

The Natural Death Handbook. Available from The Natural Death Centre at:

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