Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cropredy 2012 part II - Richard Thompson

This came somewhere towards the end of a superb set, solo to start with, then RT was joined by the youthful old lags from Fairport, and by Pete Zorn, who blows so wildly and excitingly down his saxophones that I fear one day his brain will pop out of the bell, still fizzing with musical power. 

This and one or two other songs were particularly touching because they came from the days when RT was married to the mother of the female singer in this clip, Kammi Thompson. To see one who looks and sounds a lot like her mum, performing with her dad an emblematic song from those days, was almost too much for this nostalgia addict.

So as with Bellowhead but differently, not mindful in the meditative sense. Rather a re-entry of warming memories and positive feelings from about, ooh, I dunno, 38 years ago? A healing feeling, and therefore, afterwards, a particular calm descends. One does indeed feel in the present moment.

For me the music still moves. It may not for all, of course - but if it does and you weren't there - well, you should have heard "The Wall of Death...."

It is the sort of music, I find, that seems to have created a soundtrack for my life. The Long Suffering One by my side was also totally immersed, until I made her jump and me hoarse with my excessively enthusiastic yells after this track.

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