Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hail, Cropredy!

This blog is off to Cropredy Festival, near Banbury, Oxfordshire (England, The World, The Universe, thanks to N Molesworth for the complete address) in a couple of hours. It is a very nice festival - not big enough to overwhelm those of us of mature years, but big enough to be exciting!

It's also a lovely village with very pleasant and tolerant inhabitants. Try breakfast at the village hall - you won't regret it. 

Should I have any mindful moments to communicate after the event, I will do so. The mighty Bellowhead are playing, as well as Richard Thompson, and...well, look for yourself.

They are selling tickets at the door. See you there?

And it's all the work of these throughly decent and talented chaps, who as you can see, are also of mature years:

We shall folkrock on into the twilight.....


  1. GM, have a thoroughly rip-roistering time of it! I hope it will be a mind-altering experience.

  2. May your hurdy be gurdy, and your bagpipes be lewd.

  3. Splendidly Gurdy, and when the Morris On lot sung "the cuckoo's nest," much too lewd for tender young ears such as yours, Charles and Arkers! Thanks for calling by, maybe a little more feedback when I return to Mundi Mansions with my ears singing and my spirits lifted.

  4. I think I actually know that one. . . Some like a girl who is fair of the face, some like a girl who is slender of the waist . . . and . . well it's a downward track as far as I recall from there. . .Hmmm

  5. Interesting the areas where one's memory fails, and the areas (ahem) where it doesn't - spot on, Arkers, it was on the original Morris On album, and Saturday's version was very powerful, featuring most of the crew from the original recording, and sort of guitar playing from R Thompson that only he can supply.