Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Good Funeral Awards - moi?

Look, this isn't mock modesty - I was entirely astonished and entirely delighted to have this blog nominated, and to have been runner-up to the website "Final Fling," which has, I believe,  thousands of readers. I just chunter on about stuff which I need to think about and collect a handful of patient people who occasionally drop me a line in response, and suddenly I'm up there on the podium in my floral house coat with my hair in curlers  amongst the elegantly good and eloquently great of the Funereal Revolution. 

"... and finally...(sob)...thanks to my long-suffering cat...(sob)...without whom..."

No, people were spared any such nonsense, because the awards were presented at an event in Bournemouth, which I couldn't, alas and chiz, attend, because: 

1. this blog needs to be anonymous - tedious perhaps, but I need to be able to comment on and describe funerals I've helped with, without making anyone involved feel uncomfortable, and 

2. because I was already committed to a walking holiday as a member of a party of like-minded loonies, and if someone drops out, the cost for all goes up. I'll drop a line or two about mindful stuff and the walking when I've recovered from the trip. Which was wonderful, btw.

I digress. That's because I am a bit stunned.

Important point is - bravo and hooray for all involved in turning a wizard wheeze into what was clearly a highly successful event. It must have been very hard word indeed. And has been pointed out, any of us involved owe shed-loads of gratitude to Charles Cowling.


  1. Thanks Arkers.

    "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

    Big memories and celebrations, but one can only truly move forward in the present.