Monday, 3 September 2012

Le Grand Balcon and Stephen Levine - mindfulness and dealing with the fear of death part 3

This blog is taking a week off to do a spot of mid-level walking in the French Alps, where I hope the weather will be as it is in this photo. (My walking group has no horse, however...)

There are quite possibly some slightly scary bits on the path, though, I'm assured, all perfectly safe if one isn't an idiot. H'mmm...

The book below has something interesting, nay, rewarding things to say about fear, and specifically the fear of death. It isn't a book about the last year of an individual life, i.e. it isn't a cancer log, or similar. It is about trying to live as if one had a year left to live. Which means of course, living in the present moment. So in a sense, it's "another" book about mindfulness, though it isn't a course book. Or maybe it is...

I'm still in the middle of it. It's clearly written. He believes that we have a spirit that moves on after death, but even if you don't believe that, it has much to recommend it.

A bientôt.

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