Monday, 2 March 2015

Goodbye and hello

I feel this blog is coming to the end of its days, so I am going to sign off in a mo. All my mighty words will still be here until...? Google kills Blogger off? The End of Time? But my very close friend Tim Clark, aka tcerrig, is going to carry forward the role of blogging thoughts about mindfulness, mortality, and the other things I've been bending your ears with over the last few years. Gloria is done. She's taking the cure, handing the Grand Prix du Cote du Rhone to Tim. Please visit his blog, "What the Water Says." No, I'm not sure what the hell he means either, but anyway, he'd be pleased to see you at:

which he is just getting going. The title to this post will take you there, via cursor-magic and clicking. 

Here's a few bridging words from my successor:

"Blessings upon your retirement Gloria. I shall endeavour to share worthwhile thoughts with the world, on subjects related to mortality, meditation, silence, the natural world, but possibly not Hornby Double-O trains sets, nor Aston Villa. I do hope your readership, which probably thought your  unusual silence meant you had kicked the bucket, keeps an eye on my ramblings. I think I may have useful things to say to certain sorts of people. Give me a try."

So there you have it. Thank you for reading my words, thank you for comments. The Queen is dead, long live the King. Of what, you'll have to decide.


  1. Sic transit, Gloria. Like a desert flower, you flourished and then you were gone. There is not unplangent beauty in that. I am grateful to you for your musings and your wisdom, your whimsies and funnies and sads and angries. You will live on in the hearts and minds of those who love you -- or in the next room, at the very least. For me you will forever be the diamond glints on snow. I am resolved not to stand by your grave and weep but, rather, to pop over and check out this cerrig chappie.

    Thank you *sob*.

  2. Ah but Charles, you old charmer - there wouldn't have been a Gloria in Excelcis without the Good Funeral Guide, model and pathfinder. I'm pleased you're going to shift along and see What the Water Says, rather then Abiding With Me in the Sunset Home for Confused URLs. Thank you for all your thoughts, always valued. (curtseys, trips over empty C du R bottle and crashes offstage left.)