Saturday, 28 May 2016

Thank you!

Just a little note en passant to say thank you to those people who visit this blog even though I haven't posted on it for nearly a year. I'm really pleased that there's stuff here that some people (you can't all be robots, surely??) might find interesting.

I don't log on very often, so I was very surprised to see the number of visits people have been making.

You might like to know that similar preoccupations to the ones you're finding here also crop up on my current blog,

where you would of course also be very welcome. I write less there about funerals, rather more about meditation, being in the moment, and the world around me, and of course, occasionally about mortality. So you can stay with my journey if you'd like to.

all the very best, and do comment if you'd like to.




  1. Beautiful - I can feel the energy! Very helpful thank you,

  2. And thanks to you - only just picked up and cleared your comment.

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