Monday, 12 May 2014

Our 70% useless nation of mortality refusers

Any questions?

OK, then let's get ON with it.

You can't write one of these:

from here:

Neither can you help your family with some idea of your end-of-life and funeral wishes if you have already passed on/croaked/kicked the bucket/fallen off the perch/checked out, etcetcetcetc.

No-one is saying it'll be easy; neither is it easy trying to work out what to do when someone dies, leaving us no idea what he preferred, what he might want, what he thought might help you.

So go on, be an

and get the F on with it! It may make 'em cry, but I reckon you'll feel better afterwards, and so, eventually, will they.

Of course, they may cheer at the prospect of your exit - but let's not go there!


  1. Beware those will writers who'll do it on the cheap though.

  2. Sorry Margaret, just seen your comment - thanks.
    Yes, nb difference between cheap and risky, and cheap via WillAid.