Saturday, 10 May 2014

Sir Colin Davis and the life after death question

Wonderful interview on BBC4 a few weeks ago with the conductor Sir Colin Davis, not long before he died.

The interviewer asked him about age and death; Davis said he wasn't scared of dying, and the interviewer asked him if he thought there was a life after death.  Davis was, I reckon, getting a bit fed up with such questions, so he looked straight at the interviewer and said "I don't know; maybe you can help us out here."

Lovely moment. It showed the ultimate futility of banging away at this question, and the humility of a great man faced with an unanswerable question.

Similarly, a Zen master (look, don't expect references and footnotes from me, OK? I read it somewhere, maybe Brad Warner) was asked by his student "is there a life after death?"

"I don't know," asnwered the ZM.

"I thought you were a Zen Master," said the disappointed student.

"I am, but not a dead one," he snapped.

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